My very own shop hop

*Warning – wordy post ahead!*

A few weeks ago, husband and I drove to a resort in north central Minnesota to spend a couple of quiet days over our 15 year anniversary.  And wouldn’t you just know it…there were a few quilt shops between here and there!

Our first stop was at Gruber’s Quilt Shop in St. Cloud.  Gruber’s is a large, very nice quilt shop with a ton of variety.  I purchased 4 yards for the back of a quilt that hasn’t been conceived yet.  This is so backwards for me….usually I buy everything except for the back, then have to hunt and hunt to find something suitable for the back!  The one thing I know about this someday quilt – it will be primary colors, and this fabric will be perfect (I just know it) for the back!

Our next stop was Mother Originals Quilt Shop in Pequot Lakes.  We had a hard time finding the shop, so I called for directions.  The hours for the shop in the paper I was reading looked like ‘6:00’ but when we got there at 5:00, I noticed the hours on the door were until 5:00.  She was very nice to let me in to poke around….I really should have bought something, but I was on a mission for something specific for the iSpy quilts, and she didn’t have what I was looking for.

The next day we went to Front Porch Quilts in Walker.  What a great shop!  Again, lots of variety, which I love!  I bought a small kit for a red, white & blue wall hanging for $13! (It was on sale, so I had to buy it!)  I also purchased 1/4 yard of a print from the 10 Little Things line because I never trust that I have enough for the binding (but of course I did!).

On our way home we stopped at several shops which added a couple of hours to our journey home!  First stop of the day was The Noble Quilter in Elk River.  What a gorgeous shop!  Fantastic fabric eye candy.  They also have a lot of space for working on projects….made me wish we lived closer!  I could have spent a couple of hours in that shop, but we had to get back on the road.

Next stop – Cottage Quilts and Fabric also in Elk River.  This shop was a little smaller with more fun stuff, but I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without here.

On the road again to Quilted Treasures in Rogers.  She had a lovely quilt hanging in her entryway – it was orange and yellow, and I was really drawn to the pattern.  It was Radio Way by Jaybird Quilts.  I had previously pinned the pattern on Pinterest, so no wonder I was so drawn to it at the shop!  So, I purchased the pattern from her, along with 2 fat quarters that I gave to my neighbor.  I just know she can use them on something (Check out her Etsy shop).  Quilted Treasures also had Lucy’s Crabshack which I recently purchased.  They had a Lucy’s Crabshack quilt done from the ‘Teen Spirit’ pattern from Big Blocks, Big Designs.  It looked great, and I wish I would have purchased the book for the pattern!

Back in the car for the final (4th) shop of the day to Millie P’s Quilt Shop in Anoka.  I LOVED this shop!  I could have spent a couple of hours and a few hundred dollars in this shop easily!  I bought glow in the dark fabric for a pillowcase for The Blue One.

Seven shops in 3 days.  According to the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop Flyer 2012, I only have 68 more to go!

A huge shout out to the MISTER, who indulges my quilting hobby/habit and was gracious enough to serve as my chauffeur for 3 days and seven quilt shop stops, and a few *ahem* debits!


About msminnesota

I'm a wife, mom of two (one blue, one pink), and I work full time. Our family loves to camp, and we're often on mini adventures during the summer. My fall/winter/spring/rainy day hobby is quilting. I started about 10 years ago, then put everything away when The Blue One was born. A few years ago a good friend decided to take up this 'hobby' and I've been back at it ever since. She's my partner in crime (A.K.A. 'the enabler'). I have no aspirations of becoming a quilt designer - I'm just not that good at geometry (I rely on my math major/computer programmer husband to help with piecing backs at times!). This little blog is my way of chronicling my quilting adventures. Occasionally I post about non-quilting things as well. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to say HI! IG: wannabequilter
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7 Responses to My very own shop hop

  1. sewfrench says:

    I thought my husband was patient, yours must be a saint! Sounds like it was a fun trip!

  2. Michelle says:

    I was “blog hopping/surfing” and found my what to your blog. So funny…I just left Gruber’s Sunday after a weekend retreat (my second one). I love their shop!!! There’s not much quilting going on in South Georgia, so it is like quilty heaven being in Gruber’s. So glad I ran across your blog!

  3. I found my way to your blog through Millie P’s facebook page! Your 3 day trip sounds like heaven to me although I would have to find a different chauffeur. My husband might indulge me one shop stop after that I’d be on my own ( but I still love him dearly). Millie P’s is absolutely my favorite quilt shop! If I’m having a blue day I head to Millie P’s where I’m sure to come out of my funk. She has such a flare for decorating and displaying in her shop. I’ve been by Gruber’s several times without the chance to stop so it was great to see what you had to say about the shop. Next time I’m in the area I’ll make a point of stopping. Thank you for the great info about the shops where you stopped. I think I need to head up north!

    • msminnesota says:

      Vicki – Thanks for stopping by!
      I loved Millie P’s, and let me tell you – I could have spent a whole lot of time and money in that shop!! Glad my husband was there to steer me out of there before it was too late!

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