My First Retreat

My quilting partner-in-crime Gret & I spent the weekend at a quilting retreat.  We didn’t actually ‘quilt’ anything, but we worked on blocks and we had a darn good time.

My main priority for the weekend was to finish assembling the ‘Super Secret’ blocks that I originally posted about here.  The block was a test pattern for a new pattern Terry Atkinson was working on.  I got together with about 20 other ladies in September and we worked our way through assembling the block and gave Terry feedback improving the instructions before she released the pattern.  The pattern is now for sale so I can post pictures of the full block and the completed top.  The pattern is called Tortilla Strips, and I’m so happy with how my quilt top looks so far.

Terry & I with my first completed block:

The (mostly) completed top:

I will be adding 2 borders to this – the inner border will be 1″ finished, solid yellow, and the outer border will be 2″ finished, solid blue.  I’m binding it in solid red and using Riley Blake’s Large Chevron Rainbow for the back.

That’s not all I did at the retreat though.  I took way, way, way too much stuff with me, and I didn’t touch any of it.  Instead, I bought more fabric.  It is Halloween fabric and I jumped on the ‘Swoon‘ train.  If you don’t know about Swoon, it was designed by Camille Roskelley and she is fantastic.  She has a great blog post related to the Swoon block.  I chose 2 Halloween prints (spider web and bats) and solid black for my version.

Here it is…

This block is a pretty big deal for me because it contains my first triangles that actually made it into a block.  I’ve tried triangles in the past and have always had a really hard time getting the points right. Because of that, I’ve avoided patterns with triangles.  But Gret has made several Swoon blocks and she’s a patient tutor & cheerleader.  She is currently doing a Swoon quilt with Kate Spain’s Joy fabric line and I lost count of how many she had completed before we left the retreat this afternoon.  My block is going to remain solo – I’ll make a wall hanging out of it.  I’m going to give it a border and I’m toying with the idea of doing a solid orange.  We shall see.  I have plenty of time to decide!

I should give a quick run-down of the retreat.  It was hosted by our LQS – Pine Needles Quilt and Sew.  They’re new to town, so this was their first local retreat.  They hosted it at the Ramada, and even though it’s only 15 miles from my house, we stayed overnight.  We stopped over at Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill for cocktails and lunch.  (It’s a favorite place with great food.)

There were 45-50 ladies at the retreat that started at noon on Friday and went until noon on Sunday.  Gret & I were the last ones in the room on Friday night/Saturday morning (1:15 a.m.) and when we left on Saturday night/Sunday morning at after 12:30 a.m., there were only 4 others still in the room.  We were also the last ones to leave on Sunday.  What can I say? We’re dedicated!

This is the room at around 12:15 a.m. on Sunday.


Gret & I’s little setup in the corner.


They’ll be hosting more retreats at this hotel, and I’m sure Gret & I will be in attendance at some of them.



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4 Responses to My First Retreat

  1. Melissa says:

    Great Swoon block! I just finished my first one last night – using Kate Spain’s Flurry. Such a fun pattern!!

  2. basildonkitchens says:

    Wonderful – I LOVE the tortilla block/quilt – it will be great with the borders you’ve chosen. I love your Swoon block too! I may just have to jump on the Swoon bandwagon! 🙂

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