Second Verse, Same as the First

I feel like you’ve heard this one before…

My Triangle Quilt Along Quilt is STILL a work in progress.  The good news (for me) is that I FINALLY decided how long my rows would be, and all 18 of my rows are FINISHED!

Paula’s original instructions called for 12 rows with 17 triangles per row.  But I don’t always follow instructions, and this ‘little’ quilt of mine has grown into quite a beast.  It’s 18 rows long and 31 triangles wide.  It’s a big bad mamma jamma!

I finally have 18 finished rows. Now to sew these bad boys together...

could have easily gone wider, but I’m going to use a 108″ backing for it, so I decided to stop at 31 wide.  That, and the fact that I was quickly running out of available space on the long arm rollers!  And I had to stop sometime, right?  The crazy thing is that I have enough triangles that I could easily add another couple of rows, but I’m just saying NO.  

I got as far as pressing rows 0 and 1 and sewing them together tonight.  Here are some points that I’m rather proud of

Yay - my points look great (here)!

There are other points I’m NOT proud of, but hey, none of my quilts are perfect. And this was my first set of rows – I’ll get the hang of it, and they’ll look better as I go along (I hope).

I decided that was enough for tonight, but I have everything ready to go for tomorrow – all of my pairs of rows are stacked and ready to be pressed and pinned this week.  With any luck I’ll be done with it Saturday or Sunday.

1 pair or rows together - the rest are stacked up and ready to be pressed and pinned.  But not tonight!

Hopefully next week I can post about a DIFFERENT WIP.  🙂


The Sassy Quilter

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I'm a wife, mom of two (one blue, one pink), and I work full time. Our family loves to camp, and we're often on mini adventures during the summer. My fall/winter/spring/rainy day hobby is quilting. I started about 10 years ago, then put everything away when The Blue One was born. A few years ago a good friend decided to take up this 'hobby' and I've been back at it ever since. She's my partner in crime (A.K.A. 'the enabler'). I have no aspirations of becoming a quilt designer - I'm just not that good at geometry (I rely on my math major/computer programmer husband to help with piecing backs at times!). This little blog is my way of chronicling my quilting adventures. Occasionally I post about non-quilting things as well. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to say HI! IG: wannabequilter
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12 Responses to Second Verse, Same as the First

  1. Sarah G says:

    I absolutely LOVE this quilt. The fabrics are awesome!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! I did my first triangle quilt, not too long ago and absolutely loved it once I got the hang of it! None of my quilts are perfect either…. and I am perfectly ok with that 🙂

    Stopping by from Lee’s hop

  3. The Sassy Quilter says:

    Oh, that is a big one! Looks amazing though. I think making the rows is the longest part. They go together pretty quick. Beautiful points too! You think with so many that you would notice when they are off, but I think its a good distraction and you don’t notice if a few aren’t perfect:)

    • msminnesota says:

      It IS a big one. That darn husband of mine bought me a full set of FQs TWICE so I could add to this quilt…he really wanted it to be bigger, and he’s getting it bigger. 🙂

  4. Jenny says:

    I love it! Can’t wait to see it finished!

  5. Leonie says:

    wow she’s a big one! well done and getting your points (most of them!) nicely done 🙂 I think my biggest problem is that some fabric seems to stretch/give alot? Anyhoos. cant wait to see yours done!

  6. photogbyem says:

    love it!
    i just did the 12×17, and was thinking to make a larger one!
    how big did your final project end up to be? twin? queen? in between?
    the colors are fantastic!

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