Plugging Along

I finally feel like I’m back in the saddle, and I still haven’t sewn since mid-October.

This weekend is retreat weekend.  My first retreat since February, and I’m getting myself (mentally and packing-wise) ready to go.

I’ve let a few things slip in the past few months and I’m planning on catching back up with the two Block of the Months I started this year.

First on my list – Wishes.  I’m done through April, only 8 blocks to go! (Well, 7, since the final one hasn’t been released yet.) I got smart and pre-cut for my blocks so all I have to do is work my way through the bags.



I think I’m going to like this grab-n-go approach!

For my Vice Versa BOM, I’ve got only 2 months left. I had one of them all cut and I started piecing the blocks together when I realized that my templates were too small, and the blocks didn’t go together right.  Back to the cutting board!  But I understand how to do these blocks, so once they’re cut to the correct size, they’ll go together quickly.  And the final block is a super easy/quick one, so I’m not worried about that one at all.  I should have these both finished rather quickly as well.

Maybe I should cut for those blocks as well!  I still have a couple of days before I head out to the retreat, so I suppose I could get myself together enough to get those cut and ready.



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I'm a wife, mom of two (one blue, one pink), and I work full time. Our family loves to camp, and we're often on mini adventures during the summer. My fall/winter/spring/rainy day hobby is quilting. I started about 10 years ago, then put everything away when The Blue One was born. A few years ago a good friend decided to take up this 'hobby' and I've been back at it ever since. She's my partner in crime (A.K.A. 'the enabler'). I have no aspirations of becoming a quilt designer - I'm just not that good at geometry (I rely on my math major/computer programmer husband to help with piecing backs at times!). This little blog is my way of chronicling my quilting adventures. Occasionally I post about non-quilting things as well. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to say HI! IG: wannabequilter
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9 Responses to Plugging Along

  1. Quiltmouse says:

    Love retreats! Do have fun!! I’m behind on my Wishes Blocks too, but good news, they’ve released the December Block early! You can download that and add to your Retreat Projects! I love having projects precut for retreats so I can just sit & sew (ok, I visit a lot and eat some too!).

    • msminnesota says:

      Well look at that! I must not have refreshed the page that I had open on my iPad for the Wishes blocks…I’ll be able to do all of them this weekend! Thanks!

    • msminnesota says:

      Did you buy the kit from FQS for Wishes, or are you doing different fabric? I’m wondering about the finishing step – doesn’t seem like I have 62.5″ of any single fabric left for that. Hmmmmm.

      • Quiltmouse says:

        I bought the kit from FQS. I think you are referring to the 62.5″ of cream for the borders. I knew December was going to be busy so a couple of months ago I cut the cream for the finishing steps and had way more than needed. My biggest problem was having the space to play with/cut the fabric. I found I’ve actually got a lot of left over of most of the fabrics, so will probably be making some pillows, mug rugs, etc. Although I had best intentions to stitch the backing and patches for the borders, they are still sitting on my sewing machine. Hoping to get them stitched Thanksgiving. My family works retail so it’s kind of quiet around the house that weekend!

      • msminnesota says:

        Ok, now I see it. On my computer screen I couldn’t tell that A was the cream. I have PLENTY (think yardage) of the cream, so I’m good there. Suddenly I’m thinking I won’t be finishing the top this weekend!
        And we cut all of the Fabric F cuts at the very beginning, right? I have a stack of those. Looks like I’ll be seeing a lot of cream under my ruler this weekend!

      • Quiltmouse says:

        Yes, I, too, have a stack of the Fabric F cuts we made at the beginning. Hoping to get caught up on my blocks this week and start on the 2 patches next week. My goal is to get the top done in 2014 and then the back the first of the year. I will probably have this quilted by a long-armer so it will actually get done and not join the stack of UFO’s! LOL!! Have fun on your retreat!

  2. Jan O says:

    Have fun at your retreat! Sounds like you have a good plan for what to work on and preparations well underway.

  3. Way too organized for me! Hopefully you can get the blocks done this weekend!

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