Triple Barn Star Goodness

While perusing Craftsy one day I came across the Triple Barn Star kit and knew I wanted to make it.  And although the fabrics she used in the quilt aren’t my usual ‘style’, I bought the kit and am so glad that I did.  The pattern was designed by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickery Dock and it came together so fast!  The fabric is Birch Farm by Joel Dewberry.



I didn’t overthink the layout. I did, however, purposefully plan the very center of the quilt, and I wanted the inner star fabrics laid out so the pairs are on the same side (instead of random).  Other than making sure the directional prints were ‘face up’ and not putting too many similar prints close together, I really didn’t spent a lot of time on laying it all out, and I’m really happy with how it all looks.  Because the blocks are so large the piecing was quick – I pieced everything in the evenings this week (as in Monday and Tuesday!).  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to sew it all together into a finished top, but feel like I need to do that soon and get it off the design wall.

I have a date with the long arm on Saturday, so before I sew this one all together, I need to sew a set of zippers onto the back of my Trucks quilt so that it is quick to load when we get there on Saturday.  I hate having to pin onto the rollers, and will only have to do that with one of the quilts I’m planning on quilting this weekend.

I can’t believe how many tops I’ve cranked out so far this year.  This is #4 already and it’s only March.  This won’t last for long.  Even though I have PLENTY of fabric for projects in my stash (entire quilts’ worth), I won’t be able to keep up this pace for much longer.

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7 Responses to Triple Barn Star Goodness

  1. Terri Ann says:

    I love this design. It would be fabulous with four of these big guys together cause the center would create a neat square with a outline shape. Though you may need to scale down to use four of these shapes, not sure cause you didn’t mention how big this top finishes at.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. You made sure your directional fabrics were upright?!?! So proud!!

  3. This is a really great design- sure to finish up wonderfully!

  4. allisonreidnem says:

    Isn’t it great when a project just flows and gives a quick result? I had the same happen this week, on a much smaller scale, and it’s made me feel optimistic about all my works in progress! Have fun getting some more finishes under your belt at the long arm machine!

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