Solids Sunday Stash

The Blue One decided to run errands with me today because there was ‘nothing to do at home’, and the LQS just happened to be one of the stops I needed to make. When The Pink One joins me for stops at the LQS, I can’t get out of there without having to buy fabric for the quilt she insists we’re making for Parker – one of the neighbor girls. I keep reminding her that Parker’s mom can make her a quilt, but regardless, we seem to be collecting random FQs of fabric for this mythical quilt.

And even though I expect that from her, I certainly didn’t expect The Blue One to pick out fabric he wanted as well.  I was in the solids section grabbing a green for my May bee blocks when he found a solid green that he thought was just too cool…Kona Sour Apple, so he decided we should buy it.  I have been planning to make Hazel Hedgehogs for the kids, but hadn’t bought fabric yet. He decided on the green for the ‘spikes’, a royal blue for the body, and white for the face.



I knew better than to come home without fabric for Hazel for The Pink One, so we picked out a bright pink for the body, light pink for the face, and a purple for the spikes. For some reason the colors are a bit off in this pic, but you get the idea.


I also picked up the bright turquoise solid below to match the scrap of Elementary (from Sweetwater) that I am going to use for a teacher gift.  I’m planning on making zipper pouches for the kids’ teachers this year. This is going to The Blue One’s math teacher – appropriate, eh?



The entire purpose of the trip was to get greens for the bee blocks, and I didn’t even manage to get a picture of them!  Whoops!  I’ve got double block duty this month because I’m making for myself and one of the other ladies. She graciously offered to make for me one month when the blocks requested called for turquoise/aqua and I had none of either. I was grateful to not have to go buy a bunch of fabric that month, so it’s my turn to send for her. This month’s blocks are flying geese and they’re 1/2 together already. It feels good to be ahead of the game for once!

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4 Responses to Solids Sunday Stash

  1. The mathy fabric is super fun! I made a really fun baby quilt for a friend using almost the exact colors The Blue One chose for his hazel quilt recently; great choices! 🙂

  2. Great choices on the part of the Blue One and Pink One! I can’t wait to see the hedgehog pillows! How awesome is that fabric for the zippy pouch! It will be perfect for the math teacher!

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