Holy Awesome Weekend, Batman!

(A.K.A. Hosted Retreat weekend at Stitch Supply Co.)

Gretchen & I spent the weekend at the new retreat center at Stitch Supply Co in Altoona, WI. Sara Lawson (a.k.a. Sew Sweetness) spent the weekend with us and walked us through two of her bag patterns, the Crimson and Clover Train Case and the Sloan Travel Bag.  Thanks to the fact that we had some pre-work (pre-cutting and fusing on the interfacing), we were able to finish both patterns this weekend.  Ok, ok, so I didn’t finish the Sloan Bag the same day I started it, but I did finish it!

Wanna see????

Crimson and Clover Train Case (Large)

Fabric – Simply Colorful II by V and Co.
Time it took me to complete – Less than 12 hours – I don’t know exactly how long, but there was lunch and dinner and fabric shopping sprinkled in there, too!

Untitled Untitled

Sloan Travel Bag

Fabric – Kaufman Essex Linen Blend (red),Kaufman Rustica Chambray Linen (Black),Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend Yarn Dye (Grey), Kaufman London Calling Lawn Tiny Flower (Black, lining)
Time it took me to complete – I’d guess somewhere between 12-14 hours.


There were 8 of us each day with varying levels of bag-making experience and Sara was fantastic and such a great teacher to all of us. It was such a great weekend and I’m so glad that Gretchen and I went.

And then there was the Retreat Center………all I can say is ‘Awesome!’  Ann Sandler and her husband have built a fantastic retreat center and have thought of everything, and I mean everything. Gret and I will definitely be back.

In addition to the bags that Sara taught us, on Friday evening Gret and I made some Sweetpea Pods (Lazy Girls Designs, here). Such a great and quick little bag.  Here are two of mine:


I can’t believe how much we got done; I’m so proud of us!


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1 Response to Holy Awesome Weekend, Batman!

  1. Becki Didriksen says:

    You have fund your niche. So dang cute. All of it. Who woulda thought that crazy kid down the block from me would’ve become such a talented seamstress, quilter??? Proud of you, sweet girl.
    Becki (the summer food mom)

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