2017…Let’s Do This

2016 was an active sewing year for me, although my blogging totally fell off.  I’m smart enough to not promise that I’ll be a more active blogger in 2017!

I’ve got some pretty hefty finish goals for 2017, and I’ve broken them down by quarter.

Q1 Goals:

The Betsy Travel Bag, pattern by @schnitzelandboo (a.k.a. Kristi McDonough) started it in March 2016 and I’m on a mission to finish it before January 18 so I can take it on a trip.  Fingers crossed! The end is near!


Orange/Blue Plus Quilt. I bought this fabric, cut it, and pieced the top all in 2 days in July 2016. I ordered the fabric for the backing (orange minky) soon after I finished the top, but I didn’t know what quilting pattern I wanted for it, so I just sat on it.  But I really want to start using that quilt, so I’ve got to make up my mind and get it quilted!


Donation Quilt, Swell pattern by Camille Roskelly. I’ve been sitting on this quilt for faaaaaar too long.  Once it’s quilted and bound it will be donated.  It’s a do. Good Stitches bee quilt.  I love the blocks that the ladies sent me and I can’t wait until it’s finished.

Kaleidoscope Winter Wallhanging. This is a From Marti Michell pattern; I took a class of hers at the MN Quilt show in 2015 and learned her technique.  I have had the top assembled for over a year – it’s time to just get it quilted!

I’m hoping to reach these goals in Quarter 1!

Quarter 1 (2017) Finish Along Goals


About msminnesota

I'm a wife, mom of two (one blue, one pink), and I work full time. Our family loves to camp, and we're often on mini adventures during the summer. My fall/winter/spring/rainy day hobby is quilting. I started about 10 years ago, then put everything away when The Blue One was born. A few years ago a good friend decided to take up this 'hobby' and I've been back at it ever since. She's my partner in crime (A.K.A. 'the enabler'). I have no aspirations of becoming a quilt designer - I'm just not that good at geometry (I rely on my math major/computer programmer husband to help with piecing backs at times!). This little blog is my way of chronicling my quilting adventures. Occasionally I post about non-quilting things as well. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to say HI! IG: wannabequilter
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7 Responses to 2017…Let’s Do This

  1. Patti A. says:

    I love you bag! Hope you get it done on time.

  2. Becki Didriksen says:

    You are NOT the same little scruffy kid that was at my house playing with my girls everyday during summers!! Love ❤️ what you’ve become: a gorgeous, caring, precious, TALENTED woman, wife, and mother.
    Your projects are beautiful and thoughtful.
    Love ❤️ you, sweet girl.
    Becki (Mama D)

  3. I love the plus quilt. I have thought of using minky for a quilt back, and I know a lot of people do, but I have always worried that it would not work well with denser quilting (and I find it hard to restrain myself once I get quilting). Look forward to seeing all your projects progressing.

  4. Marci Girl says:

    Good attainable goals, you can totally finish them up in the next quarter and I can’t wait to see that bag finished, I love that pattern! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts.

  5. That bag is going to be so gorgeous! Good luck with your finishes! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts.

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  7. Becki says:

    Yep! You’re my hero!!!
    ❤️ Ya, Jules.

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