Just Jack!

PP Union Jack


I bought a PP Union Jack pattern and I downloaded a free one, then I did nothing with them for months….because I didn’t know HOW to paper piece!  But now I do, because Elizabeth Dackson taught me how at a class in June!  Now that I’ve got 4 stars under my belt and a little confidence built up, I whipped this fun little block up tonight after the kids went to bed.

Now….what do I do with it???

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Table Runner for Mom

My parents moved into a townhouse last year and bought some new furniture, and one new piece was an entertainment center for their TV.  I thought it looked a little bare, so decided to make a table runner for it, and match the fabric color to the new paint. I had my dad get me the name of the paint (it’s called Anonymous…what a strange color name!)  I found the perfect solid fabric to match it, and I made the runner using the Li’l Twister and some pretty neutral fabrics.

I finished the top a couple of months ago but just quilted and bound it. I haven’t given it to them yet.  I hope she likes it!  This is the first quilty-thing I’ve given to my mom.

Mom's Table Runner

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Vice Versa BOM Progress – At Last

I finally found some time to work on catching up with my VVBOM blocks.  On Sunday I finished the April Blocks, yesterday I did the May ‘A’ block, and today I did the ‘B’ block for May.

May Vice Versa BOM Blocks

These are my FIRST EVER Flying Geese!  Good thing they didn’t scare me off, because June & July have FG as well.  I survived, and I’ll motor through and work on the June & July blocks as I have time.

Here’s my progress so far….
UntitledI’m loving how it’s looking so far!



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Even More Sunday Stars

But this time they’re not of the paper pieced variety.  Today they’re part of the catching up I am trying to do with my Vice Versa BOM.  These are my April blocks.  Yes, I know, I’m a titch behind…

April VV Blocks


I’ve had everything cut for several weeks, and I even assembled my HSTs.  A couple of weeks ago I trimmed up the HSTs and laid these both out, then packed them up, and ‘lost’ one whole block’s worth of fabric. I looked and looked, and then wondered if I dreamt it, so I cut (again) for the 2nd block.  Well, wouldn’t you know that when I was sewing these together I found the HSTs that I had already done for the A block?  I swear, I’m losing my mind!

In other news, Bunny is acting up AGAIN and really needs to go back to rehab.  I was having issues a few weeks ago, but the tech at the LQS didn’t find anything wrong.  I used it for a few hours last Sunday on my Lucky Stars blocks, and I did something that screwed her up again.  I’ll skip all the boring details, but I’ll just say that the hook in the bobbin area (I don’t know all these technical terms) had a big gouge in it, and that was causing me issues, so $120 later, I’m back in business…..kinda.

I’m still having issues with it not feeding the fabric through correctly.  I first noticed it when I’d sew over a particularly bulky seam.  I’d get over the seam just fine, then it would take 6 or so more stitches, and stop advancing and it would just stitch in place. I tried to explain it to the tech but when I had my machine with her, it didn’t happen. I even tried to recreate it.  Today after it happened several times, I had The Blue One record it.  It’s now even doing it when I start out fresh with two perfectly flat pieces of fabric.  And because of it, I’m getting little puckers in the fabric once it finally does feed through.  So I gave up sewing for today, and Bunny is going back to Rehab tomorrow.  So frustrating!!!

Here’s the video:


Bernina peeps – what’s happening???


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More Sunday Stars

‘Twirl City’ and The Pink One as my block model.


This is block #4 of 4 from my PP class with Elizabeth Dackston (AKA DontCallMeBetsy).  I blogged about it originally here and here.

I enjoyed learning how to PP from Elizabeth and I see more of it in my future, but before I completely jump in, I have some other WIPs that I’d like to work on.


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Sunday Stars

No plans for a weekday afternoon means plenty of sewing time for me! I spent my time trying to finish up my Lucky Stars blocks from the class with Elizabeth Dackson that I took while at the MN Quilt Show in June.  I finished one block while at the show, and I finished 2 more today:




Red Hot


I’ve got all but the last piece sewn onto my final 4 sections of my last block, but my background fabric is too small, so a trip to the LQS is in order (oh, bummer!).  I needed to get backing fabric anyway, so no big deal!

I’m very happy with how these are turning out.  I see more PP in my future, thanks to a great beginner class with Elizabeth.  I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and did it!

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Quilt Design Wall…DONE!



It’s 87 x 73 and I’m SO HAPPY to finally have it up and available to use!

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