Happily I Sew Along…

With invisible thread!  DOH!  I decided to do a little sewing while The Blue One was in the shower tonight. It doesn’t take him long, and I had stuff pinned and ready to go – sitting just to the left of my machine. So I fired Bunny up and away we went – I sewed the extra triangles onto my rows, then went to work on sewing together another whole row’s worth of pairs (I am adding SIX rows!).  I ‘sewed’ all the way through a bunch of them before I realized I had run out of bobbin thread.  So I start to backtrack and stack things back the way they need to be….carefully (I didn’t pin that round), and they just kept coming….about 9 or 10 pairs worth….PLUS two and a half of the rows.  Dang!  What a total waste of time!  And it’s a little ironic that it was my bobbin that ran out because I had been looking at the spool on top of the machine that’s getting close to running out – I was wondering how long it would last!

And now for the cold, hard truth – I won’t be meeting the Triangle Along deadline this week.  I’m actually surprised I’ve kept up with the group until this point.   There may have been a very slight possibility if I hadn’t decided to make my quilt bigger after I started, but considering that I had to cut 18 more FQs and then lay them out again, there was just no way it was going to happen.  I added to the length of the quilt (the extra 6 rows) AND I added triangles to each row (6 so far – possibly an additional 2)….if I could just stop adding to the rows I can start sewing rows together!

Here’s tonight’s progress:

And here are 5 of the 6 rows laid out, ready to be sewn together:

But that’s a project for next week as there will be no sewing for the next two days for sure, and the jury’s still out for sewing on Sunday.

Happy Easter!



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No Sew Sunday

It was a No Sew Sunday but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get anything done.  I cut 18 additional FQs into 6″ triangles to make my Triangle quilt larger.  These FQs were cut right at 18″ so I had a hard time getting 12 triangles out of each one…I was able to with most, but I got 10 or 11 out of three of them.  Not a huge deal – I have plenty to make the quilt bigger and those few triangles I wasn’t able to get won’t affect the size at all.

I laid out four extra rows and I added five triangles to each row, then I pinned them all so that next time I’m in the mood I can simply sit down at Bunny and get sewing.  I have enough triangles to add either one more row or add to the width…we’ll see how it looks once I have the extra four rows sewn together.


I’ll be honest and say that I’m not looking forward to the next step – Joining the Rows.  I’m not a real patient pinner, so this will be tough for me!


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Triangle Quilt Along Progress

I spent almost the entire day with Bunny, and I made great progress!


I have 11 of my 12 rows sewn together and I’m feeling pretty good about that.  The reason I don’t have my 12th one done is because I’m going to be adding additional rows and I wanted to be able to move things around in the adjacent row. I will be adding at least two rows, and and I’m going to add at least two more triangles to each row.  After that point I’ll reassess and decide if I’m good with the size, or if I need to add more.  I have a second set of FQs so I have plenty to work with for additional length & width.

I was hoping to get caught up on my other two BOMs that I’m participating in, but that just didn’t happen today.  I’m OK with it though – I made great progress today and I feel great about that.


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Today, I Sew!

It’s been a few weeks since I last sat at my sewing machine.  Between work stuff and home stuff, it has been a busy month.  Because I worked the past two weekends, I was able to take Monday off and am planning to spend some quality time with Bunny. Untitled My big plan for today is to stay on target and get my rows of triangles sewn together for Paula’s Triangle Quilt Along.  I have half of it laid out and have decided I want it bigger, so I’m also going to cut the rest of the FQs I have.  That may be a Monday project. If I have time, I’d also like to work on my March & April Wishes and ViceVersa BOM blocks.  Have I mentioned lately that I totally over-committed myself with these QALs?  Here’s to hoping I can get caught up with the other BOMs, but in order to do that, I have to complete 6 blocks.  That’s a lot considering I have to cut each out individually.  I’m hoping to have a very productive Monday….wish me luck!

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So Far, So Good

I’m still on track with QAL #3 for 2014.  (But don’t ask me about QALs #1 & #2…)

All of the triangles are cut and I’ve started laying out.  This is about 1/2 of it (per Paula’s original instructions). I have a whole ‘nother set of FQs so I will likely make this at least twin size so someone can get more use out of it (a nephew, perhaps?). I have some time to decide yet.

The Pink One (appropriately dressed) was helping my lay it out tonight.

Little Helper

1/2 laid out

I would like to start sewing but I’m waiting for Paula’s instructions as she said she has some tips for sewing these bad boys together.  Because of work and family commitments this weekend I won’t be able to do any sewing…that part will have to wait until some time next week.

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Triangles Cut

I arrived home from my crazy work trip to Argentina (yesterday), took a nap (yesterday), slept in (today), and decided I was ready to tackle the latest QAL I joined – The Triangle Quilt Along that Paula over at The Sassy Quilter is hosting. 

Today I starched and cut my triangles.  I have 18 FQs and I got 12 triangles out of each FQ, so I currently have 216 triangles.  Paula’s instructions call for 204 triangles.  Here’s something you may not know about me….I suck at math.  Last week I very nicely asked my husband to head back to the quilt shop and he got me a second set of FQs.  If I cut them all, I will have 432.  I’m actually considering it!  But…I’ll see how I like the size of the 204-216 that I currently have cut. First things first, right?

Here are the first 216:



So far I’m still on target as far as deadlines go.  Yay, Me!

Now time to go unpack the rest of my suitcases….I hate that part of traveling!

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Paper Piecing Problems

Thanks to blogs I read and Pinterest, I stumbled upon a great paper piecing tutorial video from Vanessa at Crafty Gemini.  It was so great that it gave me the confidence to try my own.

However, I think I bit off more than I could chew with my first one out of the gate.  I started with the Hexagon Star Block that Jessica posted on her blog.  It’s a little ambitious for a beginner!  I struggled with the skinny white pieces, I must admit.  I think I was probably psyching myself out and over-thinking it.

Here is my second attempt at my first section of the block (did you get that, my first one was a total disaster and couldn’t be shown!).  This one STILL isn’t right because my aqua wasn’t large enough and I’m supposed to have a point on the left side but I ran out of fabric there.  Doh!  Guess I need to re-do my re-do of my first section!

And I’m calling this ‘The Aftermath’. Am I going to have this much of a mess with every one of these? Likely!

But I’m not giving up.  I AM going to complete that block.  But probably not this week!

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