Project Progress

At last I’ve finally made some progress on one project I’ve had in the works for a while – I started my own Hazel Hedgehog for my office over a month ago and I was finally able to finish her today.  I finished the top about 6 weeks ago, but I’ve been gone or busy every single weekend since then up until this weekend, so I was finally able to make the back, quilt, and bind her this weekend.  For some reason I really struggled with the binding, but after some re-working, I finally got her finished.  Nowhere near perfect (she’s not being judged at the fair, after all), but I’m OK with that.

Here she is, in all her glory…

I just gotta say…I LOVE her glasses.  I wonder why…  

I’m so glad she’s finally done!!  

Because it’s been so long since I’ve sewn, it’s also been a long time since I bought any fabric, but that streak ended this weekend.  I need to make a project tote for my swap partner for Glamp Stitchalot in November, and I finally found something I *hope* my partner will love, based on the information I know about her…   Untitled I finally found a tote pattern I like (I’m skeered of them, to be honest!) – it was a tutorial from Jenny Doan of Missouri Quilt Company and Crafty Gemini and I’m pretty sure I can make it!  I ordered the In-R-Form stabilizer and thanks to Amazon Prime, it will be here tomorrow (WooHoo!).


I’m excited to start this bag, and I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve ever said that!   In other news – I decided I should start a new quilt with a very hard deadline in about 8 weeks.  Can’t say a whole lot about it, but I can give you a peek of the tester block I made today. The blocks will be no problem to whip up. I’ve already pressed all 36 fat quarters, just need to find an off-white solid for the sashing.  Too bad pure white won’t work – I have about 15 yards of that in my stash!    Untitled

More on this (I hope) in the coming weeks!

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Sunday Stash & More

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Sunday Stash post, or any post for that matter!  I’ve been slowly accumulating new fabric for my giant Hazel Hedgehog wallhanging and I finally have exactly what I need…


I decided to take a pic of The Pink One (fresh out of the shower) in front of this mega Hazel to give my non-quilty friends an idea of the size of it. Just a picture of it doesn’t do it justice!



The fabrics I added to my stash for this: Paradiso – Kate Spain, Kona Regatta (body), Kona Cloud (face). The grey and black were in my stash already.  I was so busy that I forgot to take pics of it before I started cutting. Hubby and I went on a little road trip for our anniversary a few weeks ago and along the way we stopped at a few quilt shops in Minnesota.  We stopped at Country Fabrics and Quilting, Mother Originals Quilt Shop, Colorz Quilt Shop/Cherrywood Fabrics, and the obligatory stop at Millie P’s on the way home.  My hubby is so great – I pulled out my phone while we were in Millie P’s and showed him a picture of fabric I was looking for (Paradiso) and he found it in under 5 minutes!

Hazel isn’t quite finished yet – she still needs her glasses, which I’m not looking forward to adding. Applique is not a strength of mine, and I find that it takes me a while to do it, but she won’t be complete without it!

This summer has been so busy – it’s out of control!  We decided to cancel our plans this weekend which allowed me the time to piece this entire Hazel and I’m so glad I was able to do it! I’m looking forward to finishing her up and hanging her in my office.

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Queen Bee

I’ve been in the Promises Circle at do.Good Stitches for a year, and I’m the leader for the month of July. Our group takes June ‘off’, so I posted the July block I’m planning on early.  I chose something simple and quick because summer is crazy at our house and I’m guessing it’s the same with the other ladies as well.

My color inspiration:


Alyssa at Pile O’ Fabric pulled the perfect fabrics for my  bundle…

And here are my finished blocks…




Can’t wait to see what everyone sends!

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Sunday Stash, Wisconsin Road Trip Edition

We went to ‘Star Wars Night’ at the Milwaukee Brewer’s baseball game with some friends on Saturday, and on our way ‘home’ (ok, yes, it was 15 miles in the opposite direction), we stopped at a couple of quilt shops.  The first one had moved but the info on google hadn’t been updated, so sadly I missed out on that one.  The next one we went to was a nice little surprise.  It is Patched Works and they have a lot of ‘my style’ fabric…lots of Sweetwater (all of Holly’s Tree Farm, some leftover Elementary), and tons and tons of solids.  Like every darn color you can imagine.

I picked up this great Kate Spain print and a couple of solids for the Hazel I’m going to put in my cubicle at work.  They cut fat quarters of the blues for me which is always a nice surprise – my LQS won’t cut FQs.  After we were back on the road, I realized that I bought enough of the solids for a ‘regular’ sized Hazel, not for the super-sized version, so I’ll have to decide if I want to go big or just do the small one.


They also have this big selection of comic book fabric – Betty Boop, Pokemon, Archie (Archie!!!  We had to explain that one to the kids), lots of Star Wars, and Super Heroes.

I was elsewhere in the store and my husband came to find me holding this bolt and told me I had to buy some…


Wonder Woman is ‘my’ superhero. I have her on my keychain, a little stuffed one on my desk at work, and I’m seriously contemplating a tattoo.  So yeah, I totally bought a yard of it.  Along with some Pokemon fabric for The Blue One.  He has requested a pillowcase.


They also had ‘Gretchen’s’ fabric – lots of Tula and some Ghastlies, and I spied the Tula ribbon as well.

I’m glad we stopped at that shop today. My husband is pretty great and very indulgent when it comes to my quilt shop side trips!  Thank goodness for him!

Happy week, everyone!

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I realize I’m a year behind on this, but I’ve just gotten started making Hazels, and I gotta say…I heart Hazel! It all started about 3 weeks ago when The Blue One went to the quilt shop with me.  He spied some lime green fabric that he ‘had to have’.  I had no immediate plans to do anything right away, but I finished a couple of other things (teacher gifts x4) and the baby boy quilt top, so I decided to make something small. I whipped up the first set of Hazels last week and I wanted to add the glasses, but the kids wouldn’t let me.  How rude!

Here are the first set of Hazels:


I had decided to make pillows out of them, and decided a plain back is just too…..plain.  I had a ton of extra fabric from the first set, so I made another set to be the pillow backs:



I’ve decided that the Hazels on the ‘back’ of the pillows are MY Hazels, so…



When I showed the kids tonight, they both decided that they liked the glasses (of course they would!), but I’m not adding them to their Hazels.  I love how they look, but I am not a fan of doing applique!  My edges aren’t perfect, but heck…nothing I ever do is ever perfect, so I’m OK with it.

It’s going to be a super busy week and I’m not sure if I can get the fronts quilted and the entire things turned into pillows this week, but I’m well underway.

I’m thinking of buying the pattern for the big giant Hazel and making a wall hanging (the baby-sized version) to put up in my cube at work.  That one would have hot pink glasses, because I have some that I wear sometimes!  How cute would that be?

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Solids Sunday Stash

The Blue One decided to run errands with me today because there was ‘nothing to do at home’, and the LQS just happened to be one of the stops I needed to make. When The Pink One joins me for stops at the LQS, I can’t get out of there without having to buy fabric for the quilt she insists we’re making for Parker – one of the neighbor girls. I keep reminding her that Parker’s mom can make her a quilt, but regardless, we seem to be collecting random FQs of fabric for this mythical quilt.

And even though I expect that from her, I certainly didn’t expect The Blue One to pick out fabric he wanted as well.  I was in the solids section grabbing a green for my May bee blocks when he found a solid green that he thought was just too cool…Kona Sour Apple, so he decided we should buy it.  I have been planning to make Hazel Hedgehogs for the kids, but hadn’t bought fabric yet. He decided on the green for the ‘spikes’, a royal blue for the body, and white for the face.



I knew better than to come home without fabric for Hazel for The Pink One, so we picked out a bright pink for the body, light pink for the face, and a purple for the spikes. For some reason the colors are a bit off in this pic, but you get the idea.


I also picked up the bright turquoise solid below to match the scrap of Elementary (from Sweetwater) that I am going to use for a teacher gift.  I’m planning on making zipper pouches for the kids’ teachers this year. This is going to The Blue One’s math teacher – appropriate, eh?



The entire purpose of the trip was to get greens for the bee blocks, and I didn’t even manage to get a picture of them!  Whoops!  I’ve got double block duty this month because I’m making for myself and one of the other ladies. She graciously offered to make for me one month when the blocks requested called for turquoise/aqua and I had none of either. I was grateful to not have to go buy a bunch of fabric that month, so it’s my turn to send for her. This month’s blocks are flying geese and they’re 1/2 together already. It feels good to be ahead of the game for once!

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Wonky Stars – Top Done!

And just like that, the top is done!  I really love it – it turned out great!


The initial project plan was to do the reverse of Vanessa Christenson’s Hopscotch, like she did here.  I posted about adding extra rows to this quilt to make it large enough to be used for a few years and to use up as much of the fabric as I could.  I don’t need leftovers sitting in my stash until who knows when!  Also like Vanessa’s, I’m strongly considering quilting this myself with straight lines.  I REALLY love how hers turned out so I think I’ll give it a go.

The top is 58.5×49.5″.

It appears that I REALLY liked her Hopscotch pattern. I purchased the pdf download version from her site last week and when I tried to move the file to a different location on my laptop, I got the message that said, ‘hey lady…you already have a file with that same name…want to replace?’  So, yeah…I bought it twice!  Whoops!  I have no idea when the first time I bought it was.


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