September Promises Blocks

For our September do. Good Stitches Promises Circle block, Meghan gave us the link to this fantastic star and requested pastels.  Walking up and down the rows at my LQS, I didn’t see anything that I really liked and wanted to make my block(s) out of.  Then I remembered that they have this fantastic mint fabric up at their cutting table.  How could I forget….I’ve already purchased 30 FQs of it for myself!  :) So I picked up 5 more FQs to make my ‘Another Star’ blocks to send to Meghan.  She requested one per person, but I made two since I was cutting anyway, and they both turned out great, so I’m sending both to her.



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Lucky Stars – Finished!


I finally finished my Lucky Stars wallhanging today!  Gret suggested yellow for the binding because it’s in each of the stars, and I agree that it pulls it all together rather nicely!



I added little deal-a-ma-bobs to the back so I can hang it easier in my cube at work…


Thanks again to Elizabeth Dackson from Don’t Call Me Betsy for the fantastic class at the MN Quilt Show in June.  I don’t think I would have stuck to it if I didn’t have someone to walk me through the steps (this time, YouTube videos just weren’t cutting it).

I have another wallhanging project to finish up that I started at the quilt show, but I’m a lot less excited about that than I was about this!

Linking up to ‘Can I Get a Whoop Whoop!’ (a.k.a. Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict) it’s been way too long since I’ve linked up with her for a finish!

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In Other News…


Isn’t she a beauty?

I’ve had her a couple of weeks and she doesn’t yet have a name.  You may recall that I’ve been having issues with Bunny for the past few months and despite trips to the shop, they were still occurring.  Husband told me to just suck it up and buy a new one, and down the rabbit hole I went!

I first started looking at the Bernina 350s because I was just looking to replace what I already had.  A basic, computerized machine.  I didn’t want anything super fancy, and I didn’t want a machine that does embroidery.  I also like the pretty face plates on the 350s!  So to the shop I went to check out the 350s.  While at my LQS, Sara, my trusty sales woman, asked me if I looked at the 550 & 560 and I told her I wasn’t because I’m not interested in embroidery…that I was pretty set on the 350, I was just waiting for a sale or a financing deal.

The one thing I DID like about the Bernina 5-series is the stitch regulator (BSR) that they have – I was eyeing it up, but I was certain I didn’t want an embroidery machine, so I kept shying away from them.

Long story short… The Enabler (a.k.a. Gretchen) went to her LQS (that also sells Berninas), and she test drove the 560 on my behalf.  Gretchen had just purchased a new Janome Horizon for herself, but she was window shopping for me (isn’t she nice?)  She told me something that I didn’t know….that you don’t have to purchase the embroidery ‘stuff’ (and therefore the price is much less than on the sticker on the machine!).  So that basically made the decision for me.  I was able to add the BSR at less than retail and now I’ve got myself a shiny new machine!

I think it likes me, too…


And so far we’re getting along just fine…

I just quilted my Lucky Stars blocks that I did at the June MN Quilt Show class I took with Gret and Elizabeth Dackson.  I used clear thread and stitched in the ditch in some places, and stitched 1/4″ from my seams in other places.  I didn’t want the quilting to take away from the fantastic paper pieced stars we made, and this was the best option for that.

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PROMISE Blocks – July

I’m excited to be a part of the PROMISES group at do. Good Stitches.  I totally forgot to post my first month’s worth of blocks before I sent them off to the proper person. The fabric requirement: dark blue backgrounds and low volume centers for these chunky plus blocks.  I actually don’t have much for low volume, so I had to actually purchase some for the 2nd block (with the dots).  I needed just a bit, and I bought 1/2 a yard….that’s enough, right?  :)

July Chunky Plus Block - PROMISE @ do.GoodStitches

July Chunky Plus Block - PROMISE @ do.GoodStitches

When I was looking at the blocks for previous quilts they’ve done I got a teeny tiny bit intimidated, but I’m looking forward to learning new things and making blocks that I normally wouldn’t make.  This is going to be a great experience for many reasons, and I’m ready!



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My Friday Finish

My Broken Bullseye blocks for the August do.Good Stitches Promises group.

Broken Bullseye - August Promises Block

I’m still building my stash and didn’t have what I wanted for these blocks, so stopped in at Thimbles Quilt Shop in Spooner, WI while ‘up north’ last weekend.  What a great little shop! Whenever we hit the road to head someplace new, I always google to see if there’s a quilt shop nearby.  Here’s how the conversation went this time:

Me: ‘Hey, there’s a quilt shop in Spooner!’
G: ‘Yup, I already looked.’

Isn’t he great?  :)



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Wordless Wednesday

My ‘Loveshack’ mini!

My 'Loveshack' mini!

Maybe a pillow…

Or a wall hanging in the camper…

But not a mug rug…

The pattern is thanks to Cristina  at Pretty Little Quilts as part of the Texas Road Trip QAL (Big Bend) area.  I have been contemplating joining this fantastic QAL, but my stash pile isn’t that big, so it would require me to purchase a bunch of fabric, and I’m just not in the mood these days! (What is wrong with me?!?)


Ok, maybe not so ‘wordless’.  I have a hard time not saying something!

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Just Jack!

PP Union Jack


I bought a PP Union Jack pattern and I downloaded a free one, then I did nothing with them for months….because I didn’t know HOW to paper piece!  But now I do, because Elizabeth Dackson taught me how at a class in June!  Now that I’ve got 4 stars under my belt and a little confidence built up, I whipped this fun little block up tonight after the kids went to bed.

Now….what do I do with it???

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